Tcc Blackboard Assignments

Technical Requirements

myTCC Portal (Blackboard Learn™)

Blackboard Learn™ is the learning management system used to power the myTCC Portal and to deliver online courses at TCC.

You will log in to your virtual classroom to:

  • Access the course syllabus, instructor notes, assignments and testing information.
  • Participate in discussion forums, chat rooms or complete assignments using external Internet websites.

System Requirements

The minimum computer system requirements for all eLearning online courses are as follows:

  • A PC or Mac Computer with access to a high-speed internet connection (e.g., DSL, cable)
  • Video display capable of high color (16-bit) display
  • A web camera with a minimum of 640x480 resolution
  • A sound card plus speakers and/or headphones may be required for some course content
  • Updated anti-virus software (highly recommended)
  • Up-to-date Java and Adobe Reader software
  • Course-specific software
    • Some courses may have specific requirements for additional software, such as applications in the Microsoft Office Suite. These requirements will be listed in the Instructor's Class Requirements (ICR) for the course as found in WebAdvisor.
      Note: Student discounts may be available for Microsoft Office products and other required software in the campus bookstores.
    • For optimal performance, some courses may require additional software downloads.

You are responsible for purchasing, installing and maintaining software on your own computer.



TCC Connect Campus


Updated July 12, 2017

  • Select the Content Area from the Course Menu that holds the assignment (for example, the Course Documents area or Assignments area)

  • Click the name of the assignment. The Upload Assignment page appears

  • Complete the Submission field if necessary

  • Click Browse My Computer and select a file to attach

  • Optionally give your submission file a name in the Link Title field (by default, this name is the filename of the file you attached)

  • Click Attach File

  • Complete the Comments field if necessary

    Do NOT use the comments section to write out the text of your assignment or paper.

  • Click Submit when you are ready

  • You will see a green line at the top of the page stating that the assignment is complete and that you can see your submission history - always make sure you see that line.  If not, re-submit it, clear cache if necessary or try another browser. The submission line will include a confirmation number for your submission.

  • If your assignment was submitted successfully, you will receive an email confirmation.

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