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Operations Management Case Study

Case Title:

Bake a Cake

Publication Month and Year : December 2009

Authors: Siva V. Gabbita

Industry: General Business

Region: India

Case Code: OM0033

Teaching Note: Not Available

Structured Assignment: Not Available


Bhaskar, a master baker at a large bakery resigned his job and wanted to start his own business. His wife Sandhya also joins him. Bhaskar specialises in making high-quality decorated fruit cakes. Initially, he started on a small scale by involving only his family members and produces 500 cakes per day that meets the existing demand. After a year, he bagged an order for 5,000 cakes to be delivered within a week’s time. He realised, it requires a special production line to perform the finishing, decorating and packing of the cakes. Then they have to employ more manpower to meet the demand. The case orchestrates the concept of aggregate operations planning, which is helpful in identifying a suitable option to Bhaskar.

      This case study may be used to understand:
  • Production line set up and workstations identification
  • The aggregate operations plan
  • The aggregate planning techniques.

Operations Management, Aggregate Sales, Operations Planning, Planning Techniques, Production Live Setup, Worh Station, KANBAN, Safety Stock, Roorder Level, Course Case Mapping

  • Introduction
  • Suggested Questions for Discussion

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