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18 Creative Topics For A Research Paper On Animal Testing


Testing new products and inventions has always historically been a controversial issue because most of the time animals are subject to high degree of abuse, torture which results in harmful effects to the animal(s) and could result in potentially killing of the animal. However, many groundbreaking medicines and theories have only been possible because they were successfully tested on animals. The theory of Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning theory are just some of the well-known results. There has been an emergence of numerous groups who propagate the protection of animal rights whereas there are some people who are fully in support of testing on animals as they believe it is the safest option. Therefore, animal testing accounts for an interesting subject to conduct and write a paper on in your post-graduate student life. However, you have to be extra careful with the selection of topics, and it is suggested to write only on that topic in which you have full command and mastery over. Hence, today I will post a list of topics which are highly interesting, and the data about these topics is easily and readily available.

The List:

Following is the list of topics on animal testing which will help you in writing your research paper.

  1. Is Stem Cell Research beginning of the end of Animal Testing?
  2. Do beauty products suffer from negative publicity if they conduct trials on Animals?
  3. Should medicine trials be conducted?
  4. Can results of Animal Testing be generalized to Adults?
  5. The Pros and Cons of Animal Testing
  6. Human Testing Vs. Animal Testing
  7. Origin and History of Animal Testing?
  8. How much does an Animal Suffer due to testing?
  9. Animal Testing and Groundbreaking Medical Advancements
  10. The effectiveness of Animal Rights groups in stopping Animal Testing?
  11. Testing the Effects of Recreational Drugs on Animals?
  12. Side effects of Testing on Animals?
  13. Animal Testing leading to a creation of manmade viruses?
  14. Substitutes to Animal Testing?
  15. Animal Testing and it’s philosophy
  16. Economic Feasibility of Testing on Animals?
  17. Legal Framework and Scope of Animal Testing?
  18. Ethics and Moral Values of Animal Testing?


As you can see that, I have posted a comprehensive list of topics which you can choose from to write your research paper on. Each of the topics is fairly easy and would lead to a good and interesting research.

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Excellent Animal Testing Research Paper Questions

To compose a good animal rights research paper thesis statement, you should pick a strong topic for your study. To come up with a strong topic on animal rights and animal testing, you may generate several questions related to this area. It’s likely that to answer some questions that you’ll generate, you’ll need to conduct a study.

Questions for an Animal Rights Research Paper Thesis Statement

  1. What rights should animals have?
  2. Why are people concerned about using animals in scientific and medical experiments?
  3. Should different animals have different rights?
  4. Are there any alternatives to using animals in scientific experiments?
  5. Should animals that are genetically close to humans have more rights?
  6. Are animal experiments are required by law?
  7. Why can humans have rights and animals can’t?
  8. Does federal ensure that all animals used in testing are treated well?
  9. Should animals be killed to make clothes of their hides?
  10. Is it morally acceptable to experiment on animals to create new cosmetics?

It should be said that reading journals and magazines may also help you with choosing a good topic for your paper. Having examined several animal testing journal articles, research paper topic ideas should come to your mind in great numbers.

Hiring a Professional to Compose Your Paper

If you aren’t sure whether you can write an excellent paper on animal testing and animal rights but you desperately need to get the highest score for your academic assignment, you may hire a professional writer to help you.

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In short, the topic of animal rights includes plenty of different questions that you can try to find answers to in your research paper. The main idea is to find a study area that will be interesting for you to dig into. Otherwise, it’ll be boring for you to make your investigation and your project will be doomed.

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