The Explorers Daughter Language Analysis Essays

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Also adding to the soft and warm mood, Herbert uses alliteration of the 's' sounds in her descriptions, such as "soft billows of smoke," and the use of 'billow's highlights the gentle movement of the smoke.

Herbert describes the movement of the whales, "looking as if they were going to merge, but always slowly, methodically passing each other by." The use of the words 'merge,' 'slowly' and methodically' give the sense of large slow and majestic movements, but also the long structure of this sentence and the use of longer words, broken up with commas also reflects the movements of the whales. 

The movement of the humans, on the other hand are described as being fast, contrasting with those of the whales. Herbert describes herself as 'Scrambling,' as if her movements are clumsy and she takes a 'sharp' breath, which perhaps gives the idea that the whales are superior to humans. The hunters are described as being 'dotted,' which also has a staccato feel to it, contrasting to the longer and rounder sounds of the words describing the whales.

In the last sentence Herbert refers to light again, describing the whales as "mischievous tricks of the shifting light." The use of the words "tricks" and "shifting" emphasise that the narwhals are magical and surreal creatures and give the paragraph ends with the writer completely in awe of the creatures.

Second Paragraph:

- there is a sudden change of tone - the writing is much more informative and factual than descriptive

use of the words "escaping" and "dead of winter" now introduce a more dangerous atmosphere which contrasts with the previously joyful and beautiful description of the paragraph before.

Third Paragraph:

"The narwhal is an essential contributor..."
- very factual to inform the reader
-lack of emotion in her writing, which contrasts with the first paragraph: the use of the the word "contributor" illustrates the fact that the hunters don't think of the whales as creatures but only as food and a resource for their survival

Fourth Paragraph:

- switches back to past tense and descriptive writing

 "The women clustered on the knoll of the lookout, binoculars pointing in every direction."
- use of the word "clustered" and the phrase "pointing in every direction" builds up tension and creates an unsettled atmosphere

"spinning round at a small gasp or jump."
- puts emphasis on the fact that everyone was very frantic and anxious

"It was like watching a vast, waterborne game..."
- use of a simile to compare the hunt to a a game which gives connotations of fun but also danger

Last Paragraphs:

"my heart leapt for both hunter and narwhal"
- use of metaphor to describe her emotions
- expresses her conflicting feelings for the hunter and the narwhal, she's not sure which side she's on

"to dive, to leave, to survive."
- use of triplet to emphasise her desperation for the narwhal to survive

"Hunting is an absolute necessity in Thule."
- clear final statement of opinion
- use of the word "absolute" puts emphasis on how important hunting is
- short blunt statement to convey her point clearly

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