Possible Essay Topics For European History

European History Essay Topics: 10 Questions You Can Investigate

History is agreeably one of the widest subjects in academia. This therefore means that a student of history should brace himself or herself for something more than just learning. You must have a mind willing to explore yonder and discover more in terms of information, events, artifacts and culture. You must also be an ardent reader if you want to get good grades in history for there is no shortcut to good performance if not ability to relay information articulately and creatively in writing. Therefore, a good history student is not just an astute researcher or an ardent reader, but also a creative writer whose knowledge on historical aspects of life is broad and relevant. Well, each and every country is endowed with its own unique history which takes into account political, social, cultural and economic aspects. For example, European history is one of the broadest and by extension, studies in almost all colleges around the world. This is an area of interest to any history student and must therefore be look extensively. Before you can start writing an essay on European history, one of the key things to take into account is a good topic. How can you come up with a good topic or from where can you get an ideal topic?

A lot has been written on regarding European history and with the advent of the web, students can nowadays find topic at any time. You are just a click away from millions of history topics based on European issues. To start you off with this, this post takes you through some European history essay questions you should investigate.

  • A look at cultural transformations that have taken place in Great Britain in medieval ear to modern day United Kingdom
  • Technological transitions in Medieval Europe to modern day Europe
  • What factors contributed to the separation of Germany into west and East Germany?
  • Racial segregation in Europe. What measures have counties that make up the European Union put in place to curb the vice?
  • European nations and their African colonies
  • Is a common currency viable for European Union? A look at currency history of Europe
  • How significant is Britain’s involvement in Europe’s policy formulations
  • A look at inventions during Industrial age in Europe
  • Tracing Britain’s constitutional amendment since mid 19th century
  • Agrarian revolution in Europe. A look at major agricultural changes that took place during this era

A List Of Top 15 Narrative Essay Topics In European History

Writing a narrative essay is an interesting task. Unlike other essay types, this requires the students to use first person and the write paper like a personal experience or narrative. This is interesting because readers find your paper easy to follow and relate to when it includes a personification. If this is your first time writing such a paper then you need to do some reading and perform some research for the type of the paper. Even though the format for all paper is same, (introduction, body, and conclusion) but the style and approach will change in different types. You need to read expert written papers and follow them as a guide. Understand how professional writers address such papers

If you are familiar with narrative essays but not European history, then you need to understand your subject. The best way to do this is to find out the major divisions of the history and determine which one you want to address. You need to decide whether you want to talk about wars, military actions, religion, politics, disease, a certain era, governments, leadership styles, imperialism, social structures, development, science and technology, education, culture, art or lifestyles. Once you have your major division, it will be easier for you to perform a literature review, gather your data and writer your paper. Remember to select that area which you are passionate about. For example, if you like to talk about arts then you should focus on that specific area instead of writing about war or politics

This article contains sample topics for students to help them write their essay in European history. Remember that these are only samples and you need to develop your own ideas

Narrative topics in European History

  1. The role of women in French revolution
  2. Witchcraft in the old England and the gender biasness as witches were doubted to be women only
  3. How did the east European Jewry develop
  4. An insight to the Dreyfus affair
  5. Ismail Pasha and Muhammad Ali and their reforms in Egypt
  6. The impact of English Revolution on the lifestyle of the people
  7. Imperialism
  8. The causes of world war 1
  9. The causes of world war 2
  10. How was Aztec Army different from ordinary military organizations
  11. Alfred Crosby and the Columbian exchange
  12. Consequences of the world wars on the European trade
  13. Peacekeeping
  14. Feudalism in Europe
  15. Congo
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