Carl Sandburg High School Twitter Assignment

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  • Dear Parents/Guardians,


    As we come to the close of another school year, summer reading becomes a very important topic of discussion at the Old Bridge Township Public Schools.

    To make certain that you and your child/children are aware of topics and genres for summer reading, a list of titles is readily available for you to peruse. The librarian or your child’s teacher may have suggestions as well; please ask her or him to assist you and your child/children.

    To access the summer reading list, click below on the grade level your child/children will be entering in September. You can then explore the list and print if you so choose to do so.

    All special education students should consult with their resource room teacher for their individual summer reading list. 

    The Old Bridge Township Public Library also has a list of grade level appropriate titles available. You can access the list through this link:

    You can also visit the Old Bridge Township Public Library if you do not have access to a computer.

    No matter how you access the information on suggested titles the important thing is that you read to your children and with them.  Please encourage your children to read every day! Thank you for being the best role models for our young people.






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